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We are the team of experts who know this industry inside-out. The product of our experience and hard work is the mobile application which brings car sellers and backpacker-kind of tourists under the one roof.
Our aim is to make finding, purchasing and selling cars seamless experience for backpackers. We create a platform for car dealers to expose their budget cars to a vast number of travellers before they even arrive in the country.


DUBPC is an app designed for backpackers around the world with the intention of travelling around Australia and New Zealand for some time.

Finding, buying and selling the car maybe not so pleasant experience for someone who visiting down-under for the first time. Having that on our mind, DUBPC team has created this app to make this process seamless.
With this tool in your hand, you can find, buy and sell vehicles multiple times in both: New Zealand and Australia for the fraction of the ordinary cost. You can find and secure the purchase while still in the planning stage.

This will save a lot of your time finding and buying the car. Selling your car to another same-minded traveller will be a peace of mind, just placing your car back on DUBPC selling site before you leave the country. Once you’ve got the car you may start selling it weeks or months before leaving Australia or New Zealand. With your itinerary on the mind, you can start promoting the car you drive long before departure.

Even if you don’t sell your car at the time, you can create an auction short time before departure. Just create push notification and all app users will be advised that your car is on the sale and you can choose the best deal for you. You will save money and time with DUBPC.


Down Under Backpacker Cars is a game-changing app that connects you to backpackers seeking to buy a car. With over 700 000 backpackers expected to arrive in Australia and New Zealand in 2019, this app is set to be a game-changing digital disruption tool for this rapidly growing market.

DUBPC takes out all the bloat of middle management, connecting you directly to your backpacker client, through the intuitive app user interface. These types of Apps are the future moving forward, so here’s your chance to jump in on the ground level and be part of something that could boom your business. Find DUBPC app on Google Play or App Store and expose your car to over 700,000 new potential buyers!

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